24 hours with the Apple Watch

So I have had the Apple watch for just over 24 hours and it has been quite interesting.

Wearables in general have interested me as a technology, but while I could see how they might have their uses, nothing has ultimately felt like a “must have” wearable. The Apple Watch put forwards the most compelling case for a smart watch but again, it never felt like something I absolutely had to get.

So why did I go out and buy an Apple Watch then?

That’s a good question. As I said I was interested but I could never justify spending over £200 (£259 to be exact) on a smart watch when I saw it as a nice to have device. For me to make the jump I needed a much lower price.

I had my old iPhone 5S and my 3rd generation iPad with Retina Display just sitting around unused. Ever since I got the 6S Plus I just haven’t needed a tablet so I decided it was time to trade them in at an Apple store. This gave me a massive discount off an Apple Watch which ultimately made it an easy purchase.

So I did it, I bought my Apple watch and brought it home. You can see the unboxing embedded below.

After 24 hours with the watch, I’ve found it surprisingly useful. Being able to read messages, check my calendar and reject phone calls from my watch has been surprisingly refreshing. In fact I’ve already found myself leaving my iPhone in my pocket more.

I’ve installed some apps which again has offloaded some of the typical daily use of my phone onto the watch although I haven’t had an opportunity to test out some of the media features or the fitness capabilities. But just 24 hours in I’ve already found the watch to be incredibly useful and feel like it could have been an idea to get it sooner.

Smart watches no longer feel like some pointless piece of technology, there are genuine uses. I was holding out for that ultimate reason to own one, that killer app. The most curious thing is that there is no killer app, but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter. The Apple Watch just does lots of little things really well and adding all of those things up might just be the killer app. In other words what makes the Apple Watch, and other wearables, so good it that it does lots of little things that are surprisingly useful.

I’d definitely recommend checking out the Apple Watch, it has surprised me and if you have some old Apple gear gathering dust it might just make it much more affordable. A full review will be coming soon once I have had more time to really test the watch out.


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