There are a vast array of notebook applications on the App Store, such as the superb Evernote. In a competitive market, it takes something special to really standout. If you use Microsoft’s One Note on your desktop, you may have found the iOS app sorely lacking in some of the features that make One Note so compelling.

Outline is primarily designed with full One Note compatibility in mind, but as a standalone product it more than holds its’ own.

In fact holds its’ own is quite the understatement. Outline is, in fact, a true breath of fresh air. A breakthrough product that showcases what great app design can be. Not only that, but full compatibility with One Note makes this a must have application for business users too.


It comes in two versions, a free version which limits you to exporting and synchronising your notes via iTunes when connected by USB. There’s also a paid version for £10.49, which offers full cloud sync between devices and the desktop Outline app, as well as synchronisation with Dropbox. Suffice it to say, the paid version has a significant number of bells and whistles.


Whether you go for the free or the premium version, Outline enables you to type, handwrite, highlight, add photos and annotate to your heart’s content. Notes can be as complicated or as simple as you like. This isn’t an Evernote clone, this is a beautiful piece of software which is a showcase for what imaginative developers can come up with.


If you’re looking for a versatile note-taking application for your iPad, Outline should be seriously considered. The free version works great as a standalone app, the synchronising via USB is certainly a workable if cumbersome solution. If ease of synchronisation is a must, the £10.49 price tag is a small price to pay for seamless integration with One Note.

There’s no question, this is truly a must have application.

Final Score 10/10
Proji.co.uk Must Have Award

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