Incipio Co-Mold Lexington for iPad Mini

The beauty of the iPad mini is its’ incredibly compact size and light weight. So when you are searching for an iPad case to protect your investment, keeping the dimensions down is a serious consideration. So is price, which means when you do find a thin case that has a low price tag, have you found a diamond or just a lump of coal?


The Incipio is a clean design, with a two tone grey look consisting of a hard rear shell and a foldable front cover. The fold is off centre allowing for the case to double as a stand for watching videos or typing. The attached strap secures the cover in place providing a stable platform. The rear shell has cut outs for all buttons, the speaker and the lightning connector. Impressively there is also a slight recess on the top edge for the microphone. There’s also a soft internal lining that should prevent any scratches being put onto your iPad mini by the case itself. A welcome addition.

As cases go then, it’s a well thought out design. Sadly though, there are some compromises with it. The soft lining on the inside of the rear shell is not perfectly fitted. It shows slight bumps where the rear attachments are and  the corners are not as smooth cut as they should be. Similarly the rear of the case suffers a similar problem with the soft protection for hard plastic.

Of course at this price (£34.96), it isn’t unreasonable to expect a clean fit and finish, but seeing as the rough parts will mostly be hidden once the iPad is in place, to an extent they can be forgiven.


The overall design is sound and the protection level is decent. The ability to use the case as a stand is a welcome addition and materials used are, for the most part, of reasonable quality. The inclusion of magnets in the front cover to turn your iPad off is a nice addition too. It’s just the attention to detail on the internal lining that disappoints. Don’t let that deter you however, this is a sturdy, thin and light case that will last.

Final Score 7/10

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