Incipio Co-Mold Lexington for iPad

Like its’ smaller sibling, the Co-Mold Lexington for iPad is incredibly light and adds precious little in terms of thickness when your iPad is placed in it. The question is whether, in the full size incarnation, this iPad cover impresses or merely makes up the numbers.

The good news is that it impresses in the same areas as the iPad Mini version. Holes and recesses are made with similar precision to allow access to buttons, ports and speaker. The case holds the iPad firmly, seating with a satisfying click but without being too severe. This means your tablet is held snugly in place and an unexpected escape shouldn’t be on the cards. At the same time, it doesn’t require a crowbar to take your iPad out of the case.

Sadly, the concerns over the rear inner lining for the smaller version hold true here. It’s not bad, it’s just not pristine. Attention to detail should be expected at £27.95, but some things can also be forgiven at this price.


Thankfully what the mini version does well is repeated here. There isn’t a second class product out of the two. However where the Lexington for iPad Mini goes wrong is also repeated here. All things considered though, this is a good case. For the most part it is well built and inspires confidence in the level of protection.

At £27.95 for a full sized iPad case though, it’s in the thick of the competition and represents good value for the budget conscious shopper. It won’t wow you with looks, but the understated look is still pleasing.

Final Score 7/10

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