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Just Mobile Alubolt Dock for iPhone 6 / S / Plus

Apple offers a simple dock for your iPhone in white plastic, but when you have a premium flagship device you might prefer a more premium dock for it. Just Mobile does just that with the Alubolt, but is this worth the £44.99 price tag?


Just Mobile specialise in designing great looking iPhone accessories. The Alubolt is no exception, in fact it is quite striking. The top surface being aluminium with a beautifully curved piece of black plastic that your phone will rest against. Surrounding the lightning connector is a soft rubberised plastic for the bottom of your phone to rest on. As always, Just Mobile have put great thought into the design.


Even the underside has received some attention, with a chunky rubber ring to stop the Alubolt sliding around your desk. Around the back is a fixed 1m USB cable too.

Everything about this dock looks great and in terms of functionality it is a straight forward charge and sync dock. This makes it useful for charging your phone at your desk while you work.

All of this attention to making the dock so good to look at does come with one big caveat: it’s designed for iPhones without a case. The lightning connector only protrudes upwards enough for the connection to the phone, if you have a case, chances are it will add enough thickness to prevent the connector from clicking into place.


If you have a really thin case you might not have an issue but this really is an important point. If you keep your iPhone in a case then this may not work for you and instead you may wish to look towards a stand like the Spigen Mobile Stand S310. Otherwise this is a great dock for your iPhone.


The Just Mobile Alubolt is a stunning piece of design that has nice touches like the soft plastic to protect your phone from scratches. At £44.99 it is on the pricier side for a dock, but when it looks this good and is built this well it doesn’t seem so steep. Buyer beware though, if you use a case on your iPhone then this probably isn’t for you.

Score 8/10

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