PDair iPhone 4S Leather Book Case

Wallet stlye iPhone cases are incredibly popular for the modern smartphone. Made of a variety of materials there’s no shortage of variety. But when it comes to leather cases, the prices often go up. Thankfully there are still plenty to choose from for the frugal shopper.

The PDair is one such example. Budget in price at £19.99, but is it budget in quality?

The basic design follows a tried and tested method, opting for the side opening folio style and offering a couple of slots for business or credit cards to be stored. At £19.99 you’d be forgiven for expecting the build quality to be lacking but you’d be wrong. In fact PDair really impresses with its’ build quality. The leather is of good quality with tidy white stitching which offsets the black in a pleasing but subtle way. There’s plenty of padding which instills confidence and good access to all ports and buttons without having to take the phone out of the case.

If there’s one niggle to point out, there is quite a large portion of the sides of the phone that is left uncovered. There’s also no actual way of securing your phone in to the case. Instead it is held in by the snug fit provided. These can be forgiven at such a keen price however.


Overall the PDair is a good quality case, it’s keen price makes it a tempting offer for anyone with an iPhone 4 or 4S. It’s not without it’s foibles of course, but they aren’t exactly deal breakers. When you factor in the build quality, if you’re looking for a folio style leather case then the PDair is one that should be considered.

Final score 8/10

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