Spigen Mobile Stand S310 review

Stands are a great way to store your smartphone while charging it or just as a convenient place to keep your phone at the desk. Spigen have many offerings but the Mobile Stand S310 is at a great price point of just £19.99 and could be exactly what you are looking for.


The Spigen Mobile Stand S310 is clearly inspired by the instantly recognisable iMac, consisting of a single piece of aluminium bent into an almost complete triangle. It looks great and feels premium too and certainly looks at home next an iMac. The design is solid with almost no flex which is great to see. Where the phone rests is a soft touch plastic that protects your smartphone from any unwanted scratches from the aluminium.


On the underside are four foam pads that are slightly tacky so they adhere nicely to your deck to keep the stand in place and stable. There’s also a convenient cable cut out in the upright to help keep your desk tidy. It’s a simple design but done well and with some clear thought.


It also will hold pretty much any smartphone, so while it is clearly targeted towards the Apple crowd it’ll still be useful if you were to change your phone.


The Spigen Mobile Stand S310 is an example of simple design done well and using good quality materials. Usable to either portrait or landscape and no specific limitation to any one type of smartphone. Sure this is aimed at iPhones but it’s comforting to know that if you change your phone the Spigen Mobile Stand will continue to serve you well. It’s well priced and looks great, what more needs to be said?

Score 10/10

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