Verus Dandy case for iPhone 6/6s Plus Review

With the smartphone case market ever increasingly saturated, consumer choice has never been better or more difficult. With so many to choose from, it is becoming harder for manufacturers to make their cases stand out from the rest. Has Verus done enough with the Dandy to make it towards the top?



The Verus Dandy is a folio style case with a leather style material adorning the exterior. The material feels quite pleasing to the touch, offering a smooth welcome. This particular variant is the Black/ wine colour scheme, which has a black exterior accented by bright red stitching. While the stitching is bold in colour it is balanced quite well so it doesn’t come across as garish, but rather as a nice change from the more traditional white stitching on such cases.

On the front there is a cut out for the ear piece so you can talk on your phone with the case closed, there is also a magnetic clasp which holds everything shut. The clasp offers a firm, positive action which is reassuring. It feels just right.

The rear of the case offers up a circular cut out for the Apple logo and another cut out for the rear facing camera and dual tone flash. Inside there is space for three credit cards and rather handily a large space for notes to be placed giving the Verus Dandy a nice wallet functionality.


Also inside is a soft touch plastic that has a burgundy colour where your phone will be held. The Dandy does a great job of holding your phone securely, but the softer plastic makes it much easier to put your phone in the case and take it out without causing damage. There’s also good access afforded to all ports and buttons on the phone.

The case itself is really light too, meaning you won’t be adding much weight to your pocket at all. The Dandy does a lot of things well with the design, however it is made to a budget and that does show. The materials feel nice to the touch but never luxurious and the card pockets are incredibly thin, they may wear unfavourably over the time.

Of course that is just being picky, it costs just £19.99 which puts it where the action is at the affordable end of the market. Rest assured that unless you get up close, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the Verus Dandy and a more premium genuine leather case. For a closer look at the case, scroll down to check out the first look video.



The Verus Dandy makes a decent offering in the folio style market, the space to hold three cards and more significantly the space to hold notes is very welcome. It also holds your phone securely in place and better still it won’t damage it when you put it in. As long as you remember this is not a premium case, chances are you might be quite happy with your investment.

Score: 8/10


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