Ghostek Blitz for iPhone Review

With smartphones having bigger screens and being used more frequently every day, phones face greater risks of damage than ever before. Whether that be from scratching, dropping or anything in between it makes sense to protect your phone with a case. Can the Ghostek Blitz offer you such protection?


The Ghostek Blitz offers a simple yet elegant matt black design that is both slim and functional. It offers a nice amount of grip that will keep your phone more firmly in your hand and even has a built in screen protector to keep that glass scratch free. The material is a soft plastic and feels fairly durable.

The phone slips neatly into place in the back portion of the case, leaving the top portion to be placed over it. The drawback is that installation of the top part of the case is somewhat fiddly. It clicks into place via a series of soft rubber tabs that, while easily manoeuvrable, take a little adjusting to get fully aligned. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s not as straight forward as it could be. When all in place though, it completely covers the phone except for the home button / TouchID sensor and small cut outs for the sensors / ear piece.


All of the ports are covered but can be easily exposed by pulling back the soft rubbery flaps. This will be useful for keeping fluff out of those ports. The case itself should also absorb some impacts from drops, though if you want full drop protection then you may wish to look elsewhere. The Ghostek Blitz is pretty much all about general protection from everyday use.

Having a screen over is a nice feature, but it makes for a very reflective surface. In the wrong light conditions or very bright sunlight, this could pose to be something of an issue. It’s a shame because the rest of the case is fairly well thought through.



The Ghostek Blitz is something of a curious case. It looks good, is very slim and keeps the ports and screen protected but the screen cover is very reflective and putting the case together is quite fiddly. If you want serious protection, this isn’t it, but if you want reasonable all round protection particularly against scratches on the screen then it’s a decent offering. At £19.99 it feels a little pricey considering the wide array of cases on offer in general. In short, it’s not bad but there are better

Score 6.5/10

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