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Destiny 2: New Light announced

Shadowkeep wasn’t the only announcement Bungie made yesterday during the live Twitch stream. New Light will be the best way to get into Destiny 2 if you haven’t done so already. Included will be a new way to start your Destiny adventure by starting in the Cosmodrome just like all original Destiny 1 guardians did.

New players will be able to access much of the Destiny 2 content almost straight away, including all of Destiny 2 year 1 and all of the locations currently available to players who have bought the game and expansions to this point.

Destiny 2: New Light will be available for free for all. This isn’t a promotion, this is the new way to join the Destiny universe. Forsaken and additional content going forwards will cost money, but Bungie is moving away from the season pass model. Instead each new season and content will be stand alone and available a la carte, not requiring any other season to have been purchased. This new approach will undoubtedly be welcome among players who enjoy the game but not all aspects of Destiny. You effectively can buy into the seasons that interest you and leave the ones you don’t without falling behind in the game.

More details will follow over the coming weeks as Bungie talks more about the future of Destiny 2, but right now this is a huge announcement.

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