Destiny 2 gameplay reveal this Thursday!

Just a few weeks ago Bungie gave us the first glimpse of Destiny 2 offering up the teaser trailer.

This was followed up by the official trailer showing us the destruction of the Tower and the invasion of Earth by the Cabal.

Bungie also announced that on May 18th the world would get to see the first real gameplay footage of Destiny 2. That has soon come around and on Thursday the wait will be over. What will Destiny 2 be like? Having spent over 1100 hours playing Destiny over the last 2 and a half years I am incredibly excited. Destiny 2 could be huge, it could be amazing but none of us will know for sure. This reveal is the first step with the beta testing phase coming up over the summer for those who have pre-ordered the sequel.

Analysis, thoughts and commentary on the reveal will be available right here on with reactions video on YouTube.


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