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Spigen Stealth Universal Car Cradle Review

There’s no shortage of car holders for smartphones but the Spigen Stealth offers an interesting take on the car cradle idea.


It’s hard to describe the Spigen Stealth as anything other than a large clip. Made from tough rubberised plastic with a softer interior so it won’t damage your phone. On the underside is an adhesive gel pad which is reusable. You can stick the Stealth to your dashboard after using the included alcohol wipes then lift it off and place it in a different car, a very nice touch.

When in place it looks somewhat inconspicuous rather than looking like an obvious phone holder which is a real boon too.


The Spigen Stealth offers a tidy and inconspicuous way to hold your smartphone in your car. It’s made of good quality materials and is easy to remove and place in a different car. At £24.99 it’s a good option, particularly if you don’t want to have anything attached to your windscreen.

Score 9/10

2 thoughts on “Spigen Stealth Universal Car Cradle Review

  • Darren

    Does it cause any damage to the dashboard when removed?
    My concern would be oil marks left behind or patches.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment and apologies for not replying sooner, I haven’t had any issues with residue however without testing on a number of materials I can’t give a definitive answer. I have recently attached my Spigen Stealth to a dash mat for easier transfer between cars which could be an option if you’re concerned?


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